Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company use Duly?

Rather than dull the pain for operations, procurement, finance, and accounting teams, Duly looks to fully alleviate it by creating a world where data-driven decisions are more accessible to everyone. More than just purchasing software, Duly provides one unified, user-friendly platform to streamline the entire P2P process, eliminating the need for manual processes and unnecessary tech stacks. The result is tangible cost savings and improved business processes measurable in days and weeks, not months and years.

Will Duly actually save my company time and money? 

We guarantee it! In today's market, with supply chains delayed, you can't afford to do things the old way. More and more contractors and vendors are upgrading their systems and you shouldn't be left behind. Duly makes it easy to connect. You'll be up and running in a matter of minutes- almost no training necessary. We're confident you'll be saving money from the first order placed. 

In addition to savings on products, Duly brings speed to the entire purchase-to-pay process, reducing the time spent ordering products through centralization, processing invoices through consolidation and auto reconciliation, and closing your books at month’s end through AP automation. And with implementation that takes as little as a week, you start seeing these savings almost immediately. When it’s all added up, 99% of our clients see a 13x ROI in year one.

We aren't just another platform. We are built by people who know the pains of the construction industry. 

We already have existing vendor relationships. Will Duly disrupt them?

Absolutely not! You dictate how you want your vendors to be set-up in Duly. Our software can either complement your existing vendor network by fulfilling orders where you prefer and through our vendors for cost-savings on the rest, or replace it entirely. You get the best of both worlds by linking your accounts to Duly!

How long will it take to implement Duly? 

Implementation takes as little as a week, ensuring your time to value is measured in days and weeks instead of months and years. During implementation, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager and Activation Specialist to set up your organization, align on desired outcomes and goals, and ensure implementation runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Simplify & streamline your purchasing process today