What is DULY?

DULY is a cloud-based application for construction trades,
designed to simplify day-to-day material management on your busy construction site.

Bring order to the normally chaotic process of sourcing materials requested by your construction teams.

Save your company money by significantly reducing your purchasing and material management workload.

Material management transparency across your entire organization, allowing executives to efficiently monitor project spending.

DULY resolves logistical pain points, assuring the right materials
are in the right place and in the right quantities.

Receive accurate material requests

Gone are the days of receiving disorganized material requests via fax, phone, text and e-mail. Duly creates a single location for all communications related to material requests submitted by your tradesmen. Requests from construction sites are submitted through a standardized form, eliminating ambiguity, and giving purchasers more time for value added tasks.

Manage vendor quotes

Purchasers have access to a dashboard which organizes all incoming material requests. Requested materials can quickly be forwarded and tracked as RFQ's directly to vendors, leaving more time for vendor negotiations and more time to plan ahead to ensure an efficient flow of materials to your construction site.

Keep your team informed

As material requests are processed by the purchaser, real-time status notifications are applied. Status changes ("approved", "processing", "scheduled for delivery" and "delivery received") keep construction teams up to date with the latest details.

Project cost transparency

Executives have access to reports associated with material costs on their construction projects, offering real-time key performance indicators that help assess the health of projects. Vendor analysis reports help you manage spending per vendor.